#MonitMilestone: Announcing the launch of our new website!

As our first #MonitMilestone, we are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. We wanted our website to better reflect all of Monit’s offerings and capabilities for both banks and businesses that help them grow together, and provide an easier way to engage with us online. Our redesigned website gives better access to information For Banks, For Businesses, About our team, Careers and our Blog. Continue reading to understand how the website will fulfill your needs.

In the For Banks section, we provide detailed information about how our platform provides deep, timely customer intelligence through real-time views of your customers’ businesses, the ability to anticipate based on our cash flow predictions, and easy custom campaigns. Part of our mission is to help banks achieve a higher-value relationship with their business customers by providing timely, personalized advice and making bankers trusted guides. We want to help your whole team win!

For SMBs looking for information about how we help, head to the For Businesses section. Here we showcase a video to meet Monit and see how it works, as well as show how Monit provides clear views of your business’ financial situation, intelligent cash flow predictions, insights that are personalized to your business operations, and event modeling. With Monit, we want to help you understand where your financial position is today and provide a view of what lies ahead.

On the website you can also find the About, Careers, and Blog sections. Between these sections, you can learn about our mission and team, see open positions at Monit (we’re growing fast!), and read relevant articles on our blog.

Visit us at https://www.monitapp.io/ and schedule a demo or sign up!




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